Already Submitted to TRAC

Below is a list of technology solutions already submitted to TRAC*.  For confidentiality and non-disclosure reasons, the completed TRAC documentation is not listed here, only the names of the solutions.

For more information on any of the TRAC submissions, please send a message to with your request.

* it is important to note that while these solutions have been submitted to TRAC and have reached some level of conclusion in terms of represented risk, use cases can differ.  It may be the case that you will need to submit a TRAC for a technology already submitted to TRAC which would only need to highlight the differences (ie. data use, change in version, change in where application will reside -- cloud vs on site).

A note on the Google Suite (including Google Meet, Gmail) as well as social media platforms such as Facebook (including Instragram and Facebook Live), LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter, we do not have institutional agreements with these organizations nor with their individual platforms. There are no plans to enter into such agreements as Western has invested in our relationship with Microsoft. As such, any agreement entered by our constituents with these organizations is on an individual basis.  Therefore, if using these platforms for research or operational purposes, the risks in their uses are not necessarily covered in ways that are advantageous to Western as an institution.

The Microsoft Office 365 solution (and its array of vendor-owned applications) is covered by an institutional agreement.

Name Status Purpose
12twenty Complete
ADEA Complete
ADP Workforce Now Complete
Advocate Software Complete
AFXe Mobile App Complete
Alumni Perks Program Complete
AnyBody Software Complete
AppsAnywhere In process
B-Com Complete
Bibliotheca Complete
Blackbaud CRM Complete
BMI Research Complete
BookedIN Complete
Brazen Virtual Fair In process
Campaign Monitor Complete
CampusLabs Complete
Canvas Complete
Cascade Strategy Complete
CaseCoach Complete
CASPer Complete
CEDAR Complete
CFI (Actigraph) Complete
Clifton Strengths (Gallop) Complete
ClinTrak Complete
CLIO Complete
Clive (Hannon Hill) In process
CMBusiness and Transcription In process
Cognito Forms Complete
Collaborative Futures (Ex Libris) In process
ConnectWise Complete
Coursera Complete
CourseTune Complete
DAN MOS Sona Integration Complete
Digital Echidna Complete
Digital Interview Framework Complete
Digitary Complete
Docker EE Complete
Docusugn Complete
Duo (MFA) Complete
DVSport Complete
E-Prime Go Complete
EmPower Health Research  Complete
EnteliWeb Upgrade Complete
ePly In process
eRezLife Complete
eSkill Complete
Examity Complete
ExamSoft Complete
EZAppt Complete
FreshService Complete
GetThru Complete
Gorilla (Cauldron Science) Complete
Gradescope Complete
GradPass Complete
Group Wisdom Complete
Hangry Solutions Complete
HECHMET Complete
Hightail Complete
HubSpot Complete
Hypnodyne Zmax Complete Complete
Innovation Jam Complete
Inquisit Web Complete
Insendi Complete
Interactive Wall Complete
Jabber SoftPhone Complete
Jamulus Complete
Jira Cloud Complete
Jitterbit Complete
Jotform Complete
Kinduct Complete
Kinsella Database Complete
Kira Talent Complete
KiSSoft Complete
Kuali Build Complete
LibCal Complete
LibInsight Complete
LibWizard Complete
LifeWorks Complete
LinkedIn Learning Complete
Live Chat (Social Intents) Complete
Lookit Complete
Mailchimp Complete
MASS Design  Complete
Microsoft Azure Cold Storage Complete
Microsoft Office 365 Complete Complete
myrecovery Complete
NameCoach Complete
NEST Community Obervatory Complete
Nintex Complete
Nvivo Complete
Nvivo Trancription Services Complete
Ocean Complete
Ocean Forms Complete
OpenEMR Complete
Opsgenie In process
ORBIS Complete
OrCAD Complete
PACO Complete
Panopto Complete
Papercut Complete
Pavlovia Complete
Perspective CAD (Resolver) Complete
Perusall for Canvas Complete
PGGrowth Complete
PheedLoop Virtual Conference  Complete
Proctortrack Complete
Project Echo Complete
QJ Rehab Complete
Qtrak Complete
Qualtrics Complete
Quirkos Complete
ReadyEducation In process
RhinoActive Complete
Riipen Complete
RoboGarden Complete
RocketBlocks Complete
Safety Stratus Complete
Salesforce Complete
Salesforce Outlook Add on Complete
Samanage Complete
Sawtooth Software Complete
Shopify Complete
SimplifyISO Complete
Skills Initiative Complete
Smart Healthy Campuses Complete
SME Matchmaking Complete
Softmouse Complete
SoundJack Complete
StartupWind Complete Complete
Synergy Gateway Complete
Telus Health EMR Complete
Temi Complete
Terranova Security Complete
ThoughtExchange Complete
Tick @ Lab Complete
Time2Track Complete
Trans PULSE Canada Complete
Transcript Heroes Complete
Unibuddy In process
Validity Complete
VidCruiter Complete
Virtuousity Complete
Vmock Complete
Watchdog EX Upgrade Complete
Way with Words Complete
WhatsApp Complete


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