The TRA Committee

Primarily, the TRA Committee (TRAC) is comprised of 5 central functions at Western: Legal Counsel, Privacy Office, Financial Services (if commerce is involved), Procurement Services, and Western Technology Services (WTS). A secondary group of representatives are also present in the TRAC membership, as expertise is required: Internal Audit, Research Services, and Office of the Registrar.

The TRAC is co-chaired by the Director of Procurement Services and the Director of Cyber Security and Business Services. is used to communcate with the overall TRAC Group

  • Western Technology Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Counsel
  • Privacy Office

Other members include representation from Research Services and Office of the Registrar and Western's Internal Audit Group provides guidance related to issues of risk within the organization.


Peter Jeffs (Director Procurement Services) - Co-Chair

Brent Fowles (Director WTS Cyber Security, CISO and Business Services) - Co-Chair

Rob Brennan (WTS, Director Application Services)

Colin Couchman (Chief Data Officer)

Ben Leschied (Associate Legal Counsel - Contracts)

Jim Loupos (Director - Internal Audit)

Ed Gibson (WTS, Associate Director - Data Centre, Network & Data Centre Operations)

Nicola Geoghegan-Morphet (Research Ethics Officer)

Spencer Downes (Security and Structure Specialist, Office of the Registrar) 

Emely Melendez Rodiguez (Associate Legal Counsel - Privacy)

Matthew Feeney (Manager Information Security)

Sandy Philip (Supervisor General Accounting)

Amy Van Damme (Legal Assistant)


*To provide specific Infrastructure input; resources will alternate/share membership


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