Antivirus Solutions for Personal Use

If you have a Windows and Mac OSX systems for personal use, you can install antivirus software from the Campus Computer Store at a special Western rate.  Use the search term Trend on the store's site to find both the Windows and Mac version they are currently selling.

Scan periodically for viruses/ Spy Ware/ Trojans etc.


  1. Periodically run full system scans to check for all of the above. If possible, use software that scans specifically for each of these types of threats.
  2. Extend the full scan to the contents of your mobile devices as well, i.e. run a full scan on everything on your USB, all drives of your laptop or desktop etc.
  3. Occasionally make use of the free web based scanning programs offered by the major antivirus vendors. These full scans offer a "second opinion" about the health and safety of your computer.

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