Backups and Recovery

Backup Important Files

Amazingly, most people still don't take the time to back up their computer. Many things can go so wrong. Hard disks can fail, a hacker might break into your computer or you just might unintentionally delete a file. Suddenly, tomorrow's presentation, months of documents, everything is lost.

There is a variety of software tools that enable you to backup all or part of your hard disk onto a removable medium (a tape, CD/ DVD disk, USB key, external HDD etc.) that you can keep separate from your hard disk. Make frequent and necessary backups and archive more than just one copy.

As long as you have a current backup of your files, you won't lose more than a day or two of work if something catastrophic should happen. Once your computer is up and running again, you can reinstall your files from the backup. Have a Personal Disaster Recovery Plan!

Western's WTS provides a Network Backup and Recovery Service. Information can be found at Networker.

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