Email Harrassment

If you're experiencing email harassment here are the steps that you should take:

Step 1

Consider informing the sender that you do not want to receive any further communications by replying:

Option 1 - reply

"I do not wish to receive any further communications from you of any sort."

Option 2 - reply with a CC to authorities (,, 

“I do not wish to receive any further communications from you of any sort. A copy of this Email is being forwarded to the Campus Community Police Service, University Network Security Office, and Equity & Human Rights Services. Further communication of any sort will result in immediate notification to University Authorities and the Police."


Sending the above Email to Campus Police, Equity & Human Rights Services and the Network Security Office is for their information and tracking purposes only. You will need to contact the appropriate department directly to assist you with various options, including further action if this is required.

Retain a copy of all Email messages.  These will be required if any further action is taken later.

Step 2 - If the sender persists

Contact Equity & Human Rights Services and/or Campus Police for advice or further action.  The Network Security Office will be engaged directly by Campus Police as needed.

Equity & Human Rights Services
Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building
Room 330
519 661-3334 x83334

Campus Community Police Service
Lawson Hall

Room 1257
519 661-3300 x83300 or x911

Network Security Office

WTS, Support Services Building

519 661-3800 or x83800

If you want to know more information about Western's policies check MAPP 1.13 - Code of Behaviour for Use of Computing Resources and Corporate Data and MAPP 1.45 - Email Policy.

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