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In today’s increasingly connected and digital world, the benefits of learning about cyber security are not only beneficial personally, but will also help you become a better online citizen of Western’s community. These pages and our Cyber Security Awareness Training courses will help arm you with the knowledge to avoid and defend against many online tactics employed by people with malicious intent. Continuous learning regarding cyber security is important as it provides us with the necessary skills to protect our personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), intellectual property, and electronic data. Additionally, similar to learning defensive driving helps to protect other drivers on the road, or staying home when you are sick helps to prevent others from getting sick, learning about cyber security has a positive affect on everyone else around us.

The Cyber Security Awareness training can be accessed by clicking the icon below.  To log-in, you will first be directed to Western’s Single Sign-On service. Once you have entered your Western credentials and have been authenticated, you will be forwarded to the Terranova training platform.

Cyber Security Awareness Training




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