A spammer is known as an individual who sends large quantities of unsolicited email messages.

Nowadays a significant amount of messages addressed to Western email addresses is spam. WTS filters out 75% of incoming mail as 'known spam'. An additional 3% of incoming mail is 'suspect spam'.  Western's main tool for filter spam is Office 365 EOP.


WTS now uses Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP), a part of Office 365, to manage your spam. External emails sent to your Western address are sorted by EOP based on its likelihood of being spam, phishing, or malware. 

Possible spam emails will go to your Junk Email folder, which is accessed directly in Outlook. This folder should be checked often, as some emails may be legitimate. 

The Quarantine folder holds high risk spam emails, which can be accessed from a separate website similar to Spamtrap. You will receive an email identifying anything in your Quarantine folder, giving you the opportunity to review flagged messages. 

For more information on EOP and blocking or creating safe senders, please visit the useful links. 

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