Data Owner is the individual who is accountable for a set of data. They may delegate responsibility for the management of data to a Data Steward.

Data Steward is a University representative, such as faculty, staff, or researchers, who is tasked with managing the lifecycle of one or more sets of Western's administrative and/or research data owned by the university, affiliates or its members. Such data is to be managed by a Data Steward as a university resource and asset. The Data Steward has the responsibility of ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken to protect the data and that respective policies and guidelines are being properly implemented. Data Stewards may delegate the implementation of university policies, guidelines and procedures to professionally trained campus or departmental IT Data Custodians.  

Data Custodian is the guardian or caretaker; the holder of data, the agent charged with implementing the controls specified by the Data Steward. The custodian is responsible for the processing and storage of information. The custodians of information resources, including entities providing outsourced information resources services to the university, must:

  1. Implement the controls specified by the owner(s);
  2. Provide physical and procedural safeguards for the information resources;
  3. Assist owners in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of controls and monitoring;
  4. Implement the monitoring techniques and procedures for detecting, reporting, and investigating incidents.

Data Stewardship is the formalization of responsibility for the management of data.

Institutional Data is defined as all data owned or licensed by the University.

Research Data is defined as all data associated with research where a University researcher is a leader.

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