More information on obtaining antivirus software.
Information for how to obtain antivirus software for a personally owned PC or laptop can be found at
The installation of antivirus software on a Western owned computer is required as a necessary component of the defense-in-depth approach to protecting data in our environment. Other layers of security to be implemented include firewalls, operating system patches, application updates, implementing the principle of least privilege, etc.

For Windows 10 workstations

Windows Defender is the recommended Anti-Virus application. Windows Defender will be managed via the SCCM (System Centre Configuration Manager) console. This will ensure that each workstation is properly protected, as well as provide alerting if an outbreak affects the University. 

Be advised that Windows Defender is already preinstalled on all Windows 10 workstations.  Enrollment of your computer into the SCCM requires a request be sent to the WTS Helpdesk.

For Windows servers 

There are 2 options for antivirus software for Windows servers.  The default option is to run Windows Defender that is managed by SCCM, no differently than Windows 10. 

An administrator may request TrendMicro OfficeScan for Windows servers.  This is also managed by a central console administered by WTS.  

For MAC desktops

TrendMicro includes a version of OfficeScan for Macintosh systems.  The latest TrendMicro OfficeScan supports Mac OS X releases from Snow Leopard (10.6) up to the most recent release. 

For Linux / Unix systems

Even though Linux and Unix systems are not targeted in the same way as Windows or MAC computers, it is recommended that all Linux and Unix systems be protected by antivirus software.  For questions regarding antivirus for Linux and Unix systems, submit a ticket to the WTS Helpdesk.

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