Malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
Malware can be destructive, or it can be merely annoying (ie: displaying unwanted advertisements).  Many types of malware exist, and we need to take proper steps to prevent them from being installed on our systems.  Sometimes, even in spite of our best efforts, malware does get through our defenses and needs to be eradicated.
Malwarebytes is an industry leader in malware detection and removal.  WTS has purchased licenses to use Malwarebytes on Western owned assets.  It is controlled by a console that manages the various endpoints that are connected to it.   Malware scans can be initiated on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.  Available reports include Detections Summary, Quarantine Summary and Weekly Security Report.
If you would like your department’s systems to be protected by Malwarebytes, please contact the Information Security team using Jira Service Desk.  The request can be made via the “General Service Request” option at

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