Protecting Western's data when using personal devices

There will be times when it is necessary to perform Western-related activities on devices that are not owned or purchased by the university.  These devices could include personal computers where our community members may be working from home.  There are policies and standards in force regarding how to manage Western’s data, regardless of working in the office on Western provided equipment or while using your own equipment at home.

On personal devices, it is important to separate personal usage from work usage.  It is recommended to create a second user profile that is used only for work purposes.  Assign a password to this profile that will never be shared with others in the household.  This will separate work and personal data, preventing accidental exposure of Western’s data.

Another item to consider is the type of data that you are working on.   See the link below for the Data Classification standard.  It lays out the different classifications of data at Western and how such data should be treated and protected.

For data that is classified as confidential or sensitive, be sure that you do not store it on your personal device.  Using ROAMS, connect to the Western network and store it on departmental file shares.  For information on how to use ROAMS, see  Additionally, Microsoft OneDrive that is provided with your Western user id has been approved for storing confidential and sensitive data.  

For further information, see the links below.

Data classification standard

MAPP 1.13 - Procedures Relating to Computing, Technology & Information Resources

AUP – Acceptable Use Policy

Additional Policies

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